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We are now finishing our fourteenth year and have offered 69events with speakers from all over America.  We are grateful that many from Montana and Wyoming are helping us promote biblical worldview ideas. Great ideas compete for people's minds and hearts, and followers of Christ should be interjecting ideas that reflect Biblical wisdom into the public square. 2022 & 2023 demonstrated that need in spades as we saw the LEFT promote all parts of the LGBT agenda, Critical Race Theory, and other aspects of Marxism.  2024 will require us to communicate our worldview concepts even more effectively. As  Progressives indoctrinate America about Globalism, Climage Change, Abortion and all things LGBTQ only engaged Christians will be able to counter these ideas.

Jeremy Carl, Senior Fellow, Claremont Institute.  April 5-6th, 2024.  "The Unprotected Class: The Rise and Consequences of Anti-White Discrimination in America."

  • If you are a crititcal thinker, do you pay attention to TV ads?  What is happening in the Military? What the Media is saying?
  • Jeremy will discuss this issue from a civic nationalist perspective that refutes the left’s racial nationalism that seeks to divide Americans by race.  His approach underscores that the solution to our racial problems consists of what James Madison referred to as “equal laws protecting equal rights” and that as James 2:1 teaches “believers in our glorious Lord Jesus Christ must not show favoritism.” 
  • Jeremy will also discuss his forthcoming book,  The Unprotected Class; How Anti-White Racism is Tearing America Apart, which will be published this spring.

Dr Jay Richards, William E. Simmons Sernior Fellow at the Heritaged Foundation. Sept. 27-28, 2024.  "What is the Real Science Relative to Climate Change & Does Evidence of the Design of the Earth Suggest a Designer?."

  • Jay Richards returns to Montana to discuss the issue of Climate
  • As the Biden administration pushing Climate Change governance without regard to Congress.
  • The Media indoctrinates America every day with their distortions.

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