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We are now finishing our thirteenth year and have offered 65 events with speakers from all over America.  We are grateful that many from Montana and Wyoming are helping us promote biblical worldview ideas. Great ideas compete for people's minds and hearts, and followers of Christ should be interjecting ideas that reflect Biblical wisdom into the public square. 2022& 2023 demonstrated that need in spades as we saw the LEFT promote all parts of the LGBT agenda, Critical Race Theory, and other aspects of Marxism.  2023 will require us to communicate our worldview concepts even more effectively. As  Progressives push the LGBTQ agenda coupled with Globalism, only engaged Christians will be able to counter them. This has only been magnified with the Transgender movement.

Dr. Robert Marks, Director of the Bradly Center at the Discovery Institute.  January 26-27th, 2024.  "Artificial Intelligence, Transhumanism, and Our Future." 

  • Dr. Marks is a professor of Electrical Engineering and Electronics at Baylor Univers University.  He is respected as an authority on computers and computer program and science.

  • His work on Artificial Intelligence is widely respected.  His lates book, Non-Computable You: What You Do That Artificial Intelligence Never Will Do. Helps us understand the limitations of A.I.
  • What are the threats of A.I. and what is just Hype?
  • Bob will help us understand where we are at with Artificial Intelligence, what we need to be careful of and what we need not fear.

Jeremy Carl, Clairmont Insitute.  March 29-30th, 2024.  "The Unprotected Class: The Rise and Consequences of Anti-White Discrimination in America."

  • FINALLY, someone will address this "elephant in the room" issue that is dividing our country. Jeremy Carl is the perfect guy to do this. 
  • Jeremy Carl has worked for several think thanks and now is a Senior Fellow at the Clairmont institute.

  • Everywhere you look, if you're paying attention, the ELITES are attacking white people to encourage division and tribalism. THIS IS NOT ABOUT RACE, it's about power, chaos, and control.

  • Case in Point: June 27th, Fox News reported that Zack De Piero - a WHITE English Professor at Penn State University was "subjected to instruction that the English language is racist and embodied in 'White supremacy with additional tired against white people,"  He refused to say that the English language is racist. 
  • Advertising Agencies, with rare exception, feature Black and other minorities as people in their ads. Again, this is intentional - they are PUSHING an anti-white agenda.  But this is not about race, it's about causing division, hatred, tribalism, and chaos. 
  • Jeremy will discuss this issue from a NON-RACIST viewpoint to demonstrate how destructive this is to America. 



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