Equipping Cultural Influencers with a Christian Worldview




    • Dr Jay Richards, William E. Simmons Senior Fellow at the Heritage Foundation. Sept. 27-28, 2024.  "Does Evidence of the Design of the Earth Suggest a Designer & What is the Real Science Relative to Climate Change?."

      • Jay Richards returns to Montana to discuss the issue of Climate
      • As the Biden administration pushing Climate Change governance without regard to Congress.
      • The Media indoctrinates America every day with their distortions.


    Dr. Del Tackett, author of the Truth Project "The Perfect Storm: Understanding our Times & The Biblical Path Forward." Nov. 8-9th, 2024

    • The Rise of the Depraved Mind in America - how did this happen?
    • The Loss of the Noble Male and The Rise of Malevolent Compassion
    • The Rise of a Demonic Worldview and the National Rift


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